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Grow quality

The label "GROW Quality" is given to wood packaging that successfully passes the requirements of the "GROW Quality" Quality System Technical Regulation The "GROW Quality" Quality System Technical Regulation it has been developed from a combination of AENOR standards for fruit and vegetable packaging and approved packaging testing methods, which establishes standards of quality in design and manufacture of fruit and vegetable packaging.

The granting of the certificate and the label "GROW-Quality" on the package becomes an added value to the packer, because it ensures that the crates have been manufactured in accordance with the requirements reflected in the Technical Regulations, and therefore comply with compression, flexing bottom, stacking, and vibration tests indicated therein, and carried out by AIDIMME (Technological Institute of furniture, wood, packaging and related).

Companies certified "GROW QUALITY"
Province Company Cert. Number Expires
Alicante ANTONIO COSTA E HIJOS, S.L. ES-17-0017 01/03/2018
Castellón ENVASES SAURA, S.L. ES-17-0012 01/03/2018
Castellón VICENTE FENOLLOSA S.L. ES-17-0015 01/03/2018
Huesca ENVASES VALERO S.A. ES-17-0013 01/03/2018
Lérida ENVASOS EL POLIGON S.L. ES-17-0018 01/03/2018
Lérida MAT ENVASES S.L.U ES-17-0014 01/03/2018
Murcia ENVATORRE ENVASES Y PACKAGING S.A. ES-17-0005 01/03/2018
Valencia AGRUPEX, S.A. ES-17-0010 01/03/2018
Valencia EMBALAJES SERRAENVAS, S.L. ES-17-0009 01/03/2018
Valencia ENVASES ANTONIO GRAU S.A. ES-17-0001 01/03/2018
Valencia ENVASES CLIMENT, S.L. ES-17-0016 01/03/2018
Valencia ENVASES GIRONA S.L. ES-17-0003 01/03/2018
Valencia ENVASES NAVALON S.L. ES-17-0011 01/03/2018
Valencia ENVASES ORDIÑANA S.L. ES-17-0004 01/03/2018
Valencia FAENSE S.A. ES-17-0006 01/03/2018
Valencia IRUN DE ENVASES S.A. ES-17-0007 01/03/2018
Valencia JUAN VALLES SALA, S.A. ES-17-0008 01/03/2018
Zaragoza ENVASES SAN ROQUE S.L.. ES-17-0002 01/03/2018
Technical Regulation "GROW QUALITY"

The main action of GROW Quality System is based in packaging technical audits, carried out by AIDIMA (Technological Institute of furniture, wood, packaging and related) by conducting tests based on the UNE 49,705: 2002 This standard presents a guide to the tests which fruit and vegetable wooden packaging may be subject, in order to assess their resistance to the various efforts they may experience during transport or storage


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