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Monday, 21 July 2014 08:24

Particle borad manufacturers reaffirm their commitment to using wood waste

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Particle board companies are still making new investments that make it possible to demand less wood from forests so that it may be used by other segments of the industry, giving it greater added value. 

In this sense, the National Association of Particle board Manufacturers (ANFTA) has always defended the idea that wood must be transformed into a product, recycled and recovered as many times as possible, and only used for energy valuation as a last resort. 

In this way, CO2 that has been absorbed by trees as they grow is retained for longer in the wood. Wood products are temporary stores of carbon, which is retained in its structure during the wood’s useful life. 

New cleaning tower at the factory in Losán (Soria) 

A clear example of the above is the factory in Losán (Soria), which has just invested more than 2.5 million euros in machinery and installations to increase the percentage of wood recycled during the manufacturing process of its particle boards. 

The new installations, which include a sieve with rollers and an aspiration system (amongst other elements), make it possible to clean the wood more effectively. In this way, the factory could use up to 50% recycled wood to manufacture its plywood boards, when up until now it has used between 10 and 15%, a figure that nevertheless equals or even exceeds other installations.

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