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The AENOR standards for wooden crates for fruit and vegetables came into force in Spain in 2002. These standards have been developed in close collaboration with FEDEMCO / GROW (Spanish Federation of Wooden Crates. Should you wish to get a small description from the norms in a sheet file form, please click (contact), or download and excel format file (download)

The new standards replace the previous ones, and the new documents endeavour to provide the standardisation of each type of container used.

Although the standards reflect what, for the most part, is being manufactured by the Spanish sector of wooden crates, their generalised use makes it possible to respond to the growing demands of the logistics of distributing fruit and vegetables, making the supply chain better, more efficient and more beneficial by means of standardising and improving compatibility for stacking wooden crates.

Each standard corresponds to crates with fixed base measurements. Therefore there are standards for crates with bases that are adaptable to the euro-pallet (such as 300 x 200 mm “pitufos”, 400 x 300 mm, 500 x 300 mm, and 600 x 400 mm), in addition to standards for traditional crates (such as 440 mm x 300 mm and 500 x 320 mm). Each standard specifies the technical characteristics, for example the heights permitted for that particular base size, thickness, tolerances, etc., and reference is made to other standards that may be consulted.

These standards are easy to apply within the companies of the sector.


The standards published under the generic title “Packaging. Wooden Crates for Fruit and Vegetables “ are the following:

  • UNE 49051. Base 300 mm x 200 mm.
  • UNE 49052-1. Base 440 mm x 300 mm. Part 1: Side height different to head side.
  • UNE 49052-2. Base 440 mm x 300 mm. Part 2: Side height equal to head side.
  • UNE 49053. Base de 500 mm x 320 mm.
  • UNE 49054. Base de 400 mm x 300 mm.
  • UNE 49055. Base de 500 mm x 300 mm.
  • UNE 49056. Base de 600 mm x 400 mm.
  • UNE 49057. Terminology.


NOTE: For further information about AENOR standards please visit (where you can get the standards in electronic format).